Introducing: The Rowing Mule

“The Rowing Mule” it’s a small , very sturdy, stable , 4- small wheeled, easy to ride, rowing machine , for mobility, mainly inside the house or working place, that allows the user to sit even at a height that is almost equivalent to being standing. This enables him/her to perform chores or duties not possible on a sit at a lower height . This amazing, novel, machine is “the  new kid in the block” of the electric wheelchairs, but not being electric , with a much more economical price and without the need of frequent, expensive, repairs.  As a bonus, it produces some degree of exercise of the upper extremities with cardiovascular benefits.

This machine is perfect for :

1) Paraplegic patients , due to spinal cord injury (250,000 Americans) and to spina bifida sufferers (166,000). Approximately 11,000 new injuries occur each year.

2) Patients suffering from severe peripheral neuropathies, with considerable disability of the lower extremities (20 million people).

3) Patients suffering from chronic pain from the waist down  (sciatica-about 40 % of adults at some point; some form of chronic knee pain- more than 100 million Americans; foot pain-75% of people in the U.S. at some time in their life; hip pain-millions).   U.S. Statistics.  

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